Limousine – Luxurious Car Always

In the Category of Luxurious car in the World Limousine or Limo is the worlds nailing sedan or saloon car in which there is a partition between the chauffeur (driver) and the passenger compartment and also with an extended wheelbase.

The term Limousine is founded by the name of a geographical region in the French named as “Limosin”. First ever Limousine was built in 1902, it was designed in such a way so that a driver seat is outside under a covered compartment and a big saloon or compartment behind that for the passengers. At that time in Limousine have seating capability for three to five passengers at the closed compartment and a chauffeur at the outside compartment which generally a opened compartment.
Stretch limousine cars are also known as “Big Band Buses” because they were used by famous band leaders and also they use these cars to transport their appliance. All around at 1928 “stretch Limousine” was first ever built Arkansas by a famous coach company Armbruster. In traditional Limousin the seating arrangement allowing the rear passenger compartment to contain a front facing seat along with the adequate amount of foot room. And two jump seats are connected facing backward to the driver compartment, which is able to fold when not in use. In this way 5 persons are able to sit comfortably. In modern world Limousine have extended wheelbase and the chassis also have been extended by the coachbuilders. That’s why we called it a Stretch Limousine which are traditionally white or black.

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